Things to Know

What to know before hiring a maid (sometimes known as a foreign domestic work/helper)?

Prepare for your hire in advance, do not hurry into a contractual arrangement before understanding your liability and responsibility.

Understand the local regulations, for example “am I eligible to hire?”, “do I need to attend any orientation programme before hiring? Such local regulations may differ from countries and may change constantly.

Take into considerations regards to “what it means” and “what it takes” to hire a foreign or local maid before making the hiring decision, so that we can avoid unnecessary surprises for all parties.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What is your main objective for hiring a maid?
  2. Is hiring a maid the only option for me and my family’s needs?
  3. What are my up-front and recurring cost of hiring a local or foreign maid?
  4. Do I have a proper accommodation (with basic amenities, ventilation, safety, privacy, protection) for my maid?
  5. Am I, and my family members, ready for the dynamics of living with “a new person” in the same household?

What is your responsibilities as an employer?

As an employer, you must be obliged to the laws and regulations in your residing country (may include, but not limited to – welfare, wellbeing, medical expenses etc.), obey them and hire ethically.

Make sure to discuss all job details (including, but not limited to – washing cars, looking after pets, compulsory rest days etc.) with the chosen candidate and their respective licensed agencies; set the expectations so that all parties can make informed decision.

It can be stressful for you and your maid in the first few months, especially if it is her first working experience in a foreign country. Everyone can make mistakes, be patient, provide suitable guidance and treat your maid well.

Your maid is there to make your life easier and showing your appreciation towards them will naturally create a better relationship and working environment for both parties.

The rule of thumb here is: “treat others the way you like to be treated.”

Why should you engage a licensed maid agency (sometime known as employment agency)?

It is not compulsory, however such services plays a very big part of the hiring process. This can be very useful, as it takes away all the hassles of paper work (work permit application, security bond, insurance, medical screening, etc.) and logistic arrangements away from you.

Most, if not all, licensed maid agencies are dedicated to provide you with end to end services throughout the entire hiring process

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your local maid agency, compare their pricing and service package against one another to find a suitable one.

What is the typical duration of the hiring process?

The duration varies from countries and a variety of factors, some may be as fast as 4-6 weeks while others may take up to 8-12 weeks.

A simple reason is that one country may require more paperwork processing between employers, employees, agencies and authorities compared to the other.

Other factors that might affect the hiring timeline are:

  1. Is the candidate currently in your country or still back in their home country?
  2. Is the candidate still in a “ending soon” contract with another household?
  3. Is the candidate a “first timer”?
  4. Rule of thumb: the more straightforward the case, the faster the processing will be and the sooner your maid can start her job with you.